iPad App FAQ

iPad App FAQ

Got a question about the GardenPlanner iPad App? We updated this section in January 2014

Look for the answer here, but if you can’t find it, then please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the page. We usually turn around questions inside 24 hours.

I had a subscription, but then when I updated it disappeared. How do I get it back?

We had a small bug in the app. Your subscriptions isn’t gone, you will just need to log out (from the settings page which is the cog icon at the bottom right) and then log back in.

I can’t delete a garden plot that I have put in. Nothing happens when I tap it.

Again, a small bug we are working on. You will need to restart the app;

Here is how you do it:

  1. Double-tap the home button. This pulls up the multi-tasking view with screenshots of the apps – three at a time.
  2. Swipe till you find the Garden Planner.
  3. Swipe upwards on the screenshot of the app to shut it down.
  4. When you need to restart the app again, tap the home button, and then tap on the app to open it.

What is the maximum area that the app supports? I have a tennis court that I’m turning into a veggie garden.

The app supports 10m x 10m which is about half a tennis court. We are working on ways to make it bigger, and when we do it will be a free upgrade.

Why do you charge subscription?/It costs too much/I can get this info for free on the internet or other apps.

<Start rant>

The point of the Garden Planner is to get more and more people growing their own veggies by providing a guide like a personal trainer. It costs $3 to access a bunch of features that other pages here go into more detail on.

The subscriptions to access the more advanced (and more expensive to develop features) is $4.49 over 3 months. So over 3 months, you’ve spend $7.49. That’s about 3 packets of seeds. Or half a tub of Seasol.

I reckon you get just over $50 worth of info that (unlike a $35 gardening book) is SPECIFIC to your garden, not mine, not your neighbours. And best of all you learn this info from your garden, not the book based on someone else’s garden.

Sure, there are free apps, but with those you get what you pay for. This app will continue to improve and you will already have paid your initial $3 and more value will come. If you have problems with the app (it happens!), I pride myself on getting it sorted as quick as possible because if you are pissed at the app, then no-one wins – least of all me.

The app is the best, most usable, more useful garden app out there.

While I’m primarily interested in getting as many Australians as possible to know as much as about growing their own food as possible, I’ve also taken a risk with my own money and time to get this sort of information and tools out to people.

I got a family to feed. And so do you, so get back out in the garden and let the Garden Planner help you be the best one you can be.

<end rant>

The app doesn’t have a plant that I grow? What’s the story?

We have over 150 plants in the app, and that covers most veggie gardeners. It reflect our own experiences of growing in a temperate Australian climate.

The database is updated every time we update the app. Let us know what plants you want and we’ll get them in to subsequent updates. Email pg (at) thegardenplanner.net.au or use the little lady beetle icon in the top left hand corner of the starting page.

The app is telling me that I can’t grow a plant that I can in my climate. WTF?

We’ve divided up Australia into 4 zones and assigned plants that could grow in an outdoor garden. Ie no greenhouse. Sometimes we get it wrong, mostly because our experience is in temperate climates. The app doesn’t STOP you from planting a veggie, you can still put it in.

If the app is telling you that you CAN plant something that you reckon is wrong, do let us know. Email pg (at) thegardenplanner.net.au or use the little lady beetle icon in the top left hand corner of the starting page.

How many gardeners does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one, but there are always nine other nearby tell you there are better ways to do it.

It says that you offer subscriptions for extra functionality. What is the new functionality?

There is the ability to enter your garden beds in and have them display as a map in the app. This means that we can do interactive crop rotation and companion planting info and you can see how you might visualise your garden using those principles.

There is also the ability to keep track of your thoughts and observations in a garden journal.

This table shows you exactly what you get with the Matrix Image subscription vs standard versions of the app.

We made a video here that shows you in detail what these new pieces of functionality are.

How often do you update?
Depends, but every 2 to 3 months as we add features and bug fixes. We launched in October 2012 and updated in Feb 2013, April 2013, July 2013 and January 2014.

I can’t hear the sound in the videos. Volume on my iPad is up to full.
iPad settings vary between devices. Sometimes the volume works fine, other times it doesn’t.

If you can’t hear the videos, then you can access them directly from YouTube via these links

The Help Video –> What the Standard version of the the Garden Planner app does
Subscription Features video –> What you get when you subscribe in-app to the Garden Planner

The Garden Walk –> How to get your Garden Beds into the App

Does the GardenPlanner work on Android, iPhone, or Web?
No, it doesn’t. As of July 2013, the GardenPlanner is iPad only. We are working toward launching a version of these devices later in 2014.

The app would be better if you only did. . . <insert new functionality>
We are always, always looking to improve the app. We garden (as you can see from the blog) and there are always ways to make it better for gardeners. Always happy to get your feedback on what you like and didn’t like with an email to pg thegardenplanner.net.au

The weather for my area isn’t right/hasn’t updated/looks wrong.
Let us know about this. We’ve had a few instances of weather stations not being updated very quickly and can work out how to fix it fairly quickly if you let us know. Use the red lady bug (geddit) button to tell us.

Why do you even need my postcode anyway? What are you doing with it?
We use the postcode to get your local weather. If you don’t put in postcode then the weather defaults to Melbourne.

We also use the postcode to match your area into a climate, one of Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temperate and Cold. This lets us tell you what you could plant when. We strongly recommend that you enter your postcode

We do use it to see where people are buying the app, but that’s it.