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Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0801The Garden Planner is a personal trainer for vegetable gardeners. Using The Garden Planner, you’ll know what to plant when, what to do today, what’s going to happen tomorrow, and when you will be harvesting food you grew yourself.

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A video on what is in the app are here;

The Garden Planner iPad App from Bliss Media on Vimeo.



The Garden Planner has planting guides for the most important home garden vegetable varieties – including heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins and carrots, through to lettuce, potato and corn. You not only track when they are planted and when to harvest, but the garden app guides to through the growing seasons, with tasks and reminders, that are plugged in to smart weather updates for your location.

Whether you have balcony pots through to suburban plots, you can organise your garden’s information and tasks, and see what’s going on in the garden at a glance, with this useful and beautiful garden app.

There is in-app subscription allowing you to enter garden plots into the app. From here you can use interactive companion planting and crop rotation information and watch a map representation of your garden grow! We have also added journal/notes functionality and perennial trees.

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Best bits;

  • What to plant when for your local area.
  • Smart task manager that takes local weather into account
  • Cloud data backup
  • Forecast and schedule your harvest.
  • Local weather designed for gardeners with smart alerts
  • Timelines for important tasks – like watering, fertilise, trellis, and harvest.
  • Beautiful and clear imagery and navigation.
  • Focused, simple, seasonal management of your gardening.
  • Moonplanting
  • New veggies

In-app Subscription Bits;

  • See your garden plots as a map
  • Interactive companion planting and crop rotation data
  • Garden journal
  • Perennial trees

What’s new: more veggies and trees, garden maps and garden journals

The Garden Planner is a great garden app for beginners. The Garden Planner suggests what to plant now in your location, notifies you when it’s time to do important garden tasks, taking weather into account, and shows you forecasts of when your vegetables will be ready to harvest. Experienced gardeners use The Garden Planner to schedule and track successive plantings to plan for long, productive harvests.

The Garden Planner helps you grow your own food – sustainably – and helps you learn from your garden. Your iPad thumb grows greener every day.

Dig it!


59 thoughts on “iPad Garden App

  1. Hi there,

    Tanya sent me this link to look at. I am a keen gardener (though still learning) and would love to try out your new app. I am planning to purchase an iPad soon to use at home and for teaching, though I have an iPod touch (current gen). Will it work on this?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hey Catherine – no we haven’t designed for iPod. It is is iPad2 and up because we need the camera. If you want to be involved, we are testing in early September 2012.

      I like the idea of iPads as teaching aides. Our grandparents and great grandparents used slates at school. The iPad is just a super-slate.


  2. Hi
    Tanya sent your link to me. I’m a keen gardener and would like to give your app a try. I have an ipad3. What a great idea, can’t wait


  3. Hey Lisa – Can you drop me a note at pg(at)thegardenplanner.net.au and I can give the details on when and how. Appreciate your wanting to be involved. 🙂


  4. Hi Paul & Leena,

    I am keen to get a look at your garden app. I paid $10 a while ago for a veggie patch app for my iPad that made me want to scream with frustration, it was so clunky. I expected a pretty good app for that price and was so disappointed! I had purchased it and a few others in anticipation of writing an article about the best apps for veggie gardening. But writing about one sorta-good app doesn’t make for a well rounded article!

    I literally went back to grid paper and a packet of coloured pencils to plot out my beds each season!

    I would LOVE to see yours. Are you going to include Perth in the weather info? At the moment I use weatherzone and Gardenate for my garden references, plus a stock control app to keep track of my seeds.

    I am a keen advocate of growing your own food. I invite you to visit my blog at http://www.afarmofyourhome.com

    Thank you

    1. Hey Melissa,

      Thanks for your interest. We’ve submitted to the good folk at Apple so (all things being equal) should be in the store around the middle of October.

      I agree with respect to the quality of the garden app market; many have great info and a range of functions, but few make it all come together in a beautiful package. Our app at the moment is probably more in the Gardenate style (very time-based) but will move into spatial (your actual garden in the app for crop rotation and companion planting) over the coming months. ie like most gardens, a work in progress. Our fellow gardeners will decide if it’s a good one or not. 🙂

      The weather section of the app is one I’m particularly happy with. It goes down to postcode so should meet your Perthian needs.

      Had a quick look at your site. So very thoughtful and considered.

  5. Hi This looked great and i bought it but my postcode and suburb did not come up- Emerald 3782. Thinking it amistake i chose the one with some of the asme numbers. Alas it looks like Emerald somewhere hot. And the app won’t let me change the locator. I think an explanation of why the locator is so important at the start would be good, a cpaicty to chnage the locator, and Emerald 3782 needs to be included!
    Can this be fixed or do i just have to delete it. that would be a shame as otherwise it looks great.

  6. Hi, love your app but I grow a lot of tropical veges like okra, kang kong, yams and others that aren’t in the database. In the future,
    will it be possible for people to add a plant and it’s details themselves if needed?

  7. Hey Ro,

    We are updating for winter brassicas, herbs and fruit trees in February, but those sorts of tropicals won’t be in until at least May. Our thinking is to do the most common 80% and then fill in the gaps as we go through and find them.

    With respect to adding your own, the app is running off a database, with fairly specific values needed for all the watering and harvesting alerts. It is also linked into the weather. Happy to take your suggestions and enter them in though. 🙂

  8. I just bought the app, but find the plant list limited. Where is the good old radish? Spring onion? It would be great if some herbs were added too, maybe focusing on companion plants?

    1. Thanks for buying it Lyndell. We launched back in Oct last year with mainly spring and summer plants. In Feb we are updating that list with winter veggies and herbs. In April a Pro version of the app with have all that you have in the current app plus some other stuff like moonplanting, crop rotation and companion planting.

      Hope that helps,

  9. Hi,

    I am trying to look at the subscription options but am not seeing anything in the “Store ” pop up is this meant to be working?


    1. Hey Simon,

      We have a bug on the store payment and have disabled it until we can get the fix through the iTunes Store. We have submitted it, just waiting for Apple to approve in the next day or so.

      The bug is that the payment goes through iTunes, but doesn’t make it back to us properly. The bug means you get charged, but we don’t make the stuff you paid for available which isn’t cool. That’s why we disabled payment.

      We exect the fix to be through in a da or so.

      Thanks for your patience.


  10. Looks interesting. I’m doing some garden planning in sunny Hobart and would be keen to give this a whirl – can you shoot me through the info?

    1. It is all here on this page Tim. Video links and links through to the iTunes Store will give you all the info you need.


  11. Just purchased your app. Is there a reason why I am only getting info for Melbourne.
    I am in Sydney, and was able to register my suburb ok..or do I follow the Melbourne directions?
    Am an older/ new gardener so need all the help I can get.

    1. G’day Pat,

      I wouldn’t wish Melbourne gardening climate on anyone who can get Sydney weather. 🙂

      You should be able to update or change your info on the Settings page. Have a look there and if no joy get back to me here.


  12. Aquaponics systems do grow a little quicker than what we have set up in the app. But you can skip stages in the app. So if you can see that you have flowers on tomatoes, then you can skip ahead to align with what’s actually happening.

    To do that, go to the time chart, press the icon for the plant and a menu will pop up with the details of what is happening. Press on where your plant is telling you it is, and it should all re align.

    Hope that helps.


  13. Hi.

    I downloaded your app about a week ago. I’m really excited by it. I call it Gardening For Dummies.

    I’ve been gardening for years but haven’t had much success. I was thinking it would be good to have the ability to save or print my journal entries so that I could look back on last year’s crops to see what worked for me (I have a terrible memory).

    Also, I’ve entered Bok Choy for my Kailaan and Pak Choy. Would they have similar requirements?

    Other than that, I love everything you’ve done. I’ve been waiting for an app like this for years! Can’t wait to put it all into action.


  14. Hi there,
    Went to download this fab looking app on my ipad2 but it says that I need iOS 6. So is it not compatible with the ipad2 ?


    1. Hey Kathy,

      We are only supporting iOS6. If your iPad has that then you should be ok. CHeck in the Settings –> Updates to see whether you need to update the softaware in the iPad.


  15. I just bought your garden planner, It let me create a map but it keep crashing every time I clicked on the map feature! Is there anyway to fix this problem? Thanks

    1. Hey Winston,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the app.

      My suggestion is to do a reinstall.

      That mans deleting the app and reinstalling from the App Store. Make sure that you use the same logging in details for the new install.

      Let me know how that goes ,

  16. Hi, We are a boutique herb/ vege/ fruit 5 acre farm with approx 2kms of raised gardens. We are in the tropics and grow a huge variety of species from all over the world. Some of these plants are not well known.Does this app have the capacity to add your own species? Can it cope with such a large area? Cheers Kate

    1. Hey Kate,

      Sorry no, the app maxes out at 10m x 10m.

      In terms of,adding your own plants, the way we do that is for,you to email me and we enter via a back end.

      Hope that helps you understand whether the app is for you,or not.


  17. Hi
    I bought the app and a subscription and am very happy with it. However, it initially allowed me to map my garden areas. Now though when I try and open up my garden beds in the garden map it just closes the program down. This also happens when I try to add plants to the beds from the Gantt page. This happened on my old ipad and also on my new ipad air.
    I have reinstalled the program and it keeps doing it.
    Any hints please?

    1. Hey Steve,

      Thnaks for your note.

      The crashing is fixable if you go to the main page, and delete the last two or three plants that you entered.

      We know about this bug and are working on a fix. Interim fix is:
      1 – goto the home page and delete the last two or three plants that you entered in.
      2 – close the app. Open the app.
      3 – check the map page. If it doesn’t crash, that’s good. Goto the settings page and then save back into the cloud. Then go back into the map page and re add the deleted veggies. That should work.
      4 – if deleting 2 or 3 doesnt work, a re install will be necessary if afraid.

      Let us know how you go.


  18. Hi,
    Been using for a couple of weeks and quite surprised at how I am enjoying it. Must say I find it VERY frustrating you can’t change the name of crop to suit variety. With several different types of cherry and full size tomatoes and eggplant etc I need a lot more control for recording notes, observations etc. Hopefully this will evolve with updates. Will probably continue subscribing, will decide over next few weeks. Nice little layout for reminders etc.

    1. Hey Maree,

      Thanks for the feedback. We are going to put in the ability to change the name of the crop. For the next release. I hope that helps.

      When you say more control for recording notes. . .can you give me an example? It is a simple text entry idea at the moment. Are you looking for adding photos? Or drawing?

      Thanks again,

      1. Thanks Paul, excited about the ability to change name etc. I would like it so that my amended name appears in the Plant Gantt list, example-I have Tomatoes of 6 different varieties and to make notes on one of them I need to work through the list, go to notes to find relevant variety (I made a note of variety when initially planted), if its not the one I want I go back and try the next one until I hit the one I want. Just cutting out that step by seeing the name in the Gantt would save a lot of time. I can do this on the ABC Vegie Guide and it is good but I am preferring the rest of your app overall. Hope this makes sense!

  19. I’m still playing with it on the sterile suburban block – but so far I REALLY, REALLY LIKE IT -I particularly like the weather forecast and suggestions for activity – which can be frustrating while sitting ‘Idle’ in my work place.

  20. Hi. Just wondering how the android version of this app is going? I see one of the comments is that it would be released end 2013. I’m dying to get into it!

  21. After a few early glitches (mostly on my part), I have settled in to using this app really well. Most impressive is the wonderful support from Paul, answers to any questions have been prompt, attentive and have always solved my predicament. That level of service is often not easy to get these days. I really love the fact with the new upgrade you can change plant variety name in Gantt list. Highly recommend giving it a go!

    1. Hey Aaron,

      No, not soon as in not inside 12 months. We are a small outfit and the money/time/resource is tight. We decided to get the iPad version right and concentrate on that.


  22. Hi
    I am having trouble with the Garden Map section of this app. When I tap on the icon the page opens then immediately shuts. Just wondering if I am doing something incorrectly? Also my postcode is. Tasmanian on, but the social map shows map of Melbourne. I am wondering if te planting guide is based on Melbourne weather rather than tasmanian weather….which can be Beverly different. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you….Judy

    1. Hey Judy,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the app. We do know of this issue and are working on resolving. If you;

        delete the last few plants that you added (go to the Gannt Page)
        then save back to the cloud (go to Settings page),
        then add them back in,

      that should fix it. Not elegant, but we are working on a patch for it.


    1. Hey Angie, it is on our improvement list, but not very high I’m afraid. I don’t know enough about it, and there are other improvements (taking photos and comparing recording different times in the garden) that we would want to do first.

  23. I have been using your app for a couple of years now and bought it via my husbands itunes. I have now purchased a new ipad and have my own itunes account. How can I get all my info to show up on the app on the new ipad. I cannot backup and restore due to the different itunes accounts as I had to set it up as a new ipad and just family shared with my husband to get the app but nothing shows up. I do so want to continue with the planner so your info will be appreciated. I did save the old version to cloud then on the new ipad tried restore but no joy. Thanks Pam

    1. Hey Pam,
      We store the info seperate to iTunes. Follow these steps and let me know how you go;
      1) You will still need to get a copy of the app on the new iPad (which is free at the moment).
      2) When you register for the first time (you will got through the ‘first time’ process on the new iPad), make sure that you use the exact same credentials as you did on the previous iPad. name, postcode, email have to be the same.
      3) Once you’ve logged in ok, then you should be able to do an cloud back up from the Settings page.

      The important part here is the log in details from the previous ipad have to be the same. Send me an email to pg{@}thegardenplanner.net.au (removing the curly brackets) and I’ll give you to correct details.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  24. Hi there. Just started using your app and looks good so far. One thing I can’t work out how to do is to see planting times for a specific plant? So it gives me recommendations for the current month but I would like to do the other way round eg. I have some cabbage seeds, when should I plant them? Also to be able to look at upcoming months. Some suggestions for other features I would really like:

    – a configuration option for watering reminders. I have an automatic sprinkler system, so the app telling me to water my plants is pointless for me.
    – the ability to edit the master list of plants to only show me the ones I’m interested in. Eg I hate dill, I’m never going to grow it, so stop telling me when to plant it. It would be way more useful to only have the app recommend things you are actually interesting in planting.
    – the ability to edit/customise the plant information. For instance it is telling me to plant pumpkins in January but I know from experience that doesn’t work in my area (well sure I ca plant them, but I won’t get a harvest). It would be wonderful to be able to change the default planting times and growing length so that over time the app would become personalised for me and be a database of my own experience.


    1. Hey Kelly, thanks for your post and all your suggestions and apologies for taking so long to get to you.

      Apologies also for the length of this answer, but I want to give your post the attention it deserves.

      Your ideas are good ones, but I can’t meet all your requests straight away because money. I might be able to get one done, but not til Oct because money.


      Everyone gardens differently. The app does a lot and yet it won’t meet every gardener’s needs all the time. Building the “Uber-Garden Planner” would cost a lot of money so we aimed for making most people happy most of the time. I use the app everyday and everyday I think of stuff that I would want to put in. eg Photos so that you can record visually what’s happening. Being able to create my own plant that isn’t in the database yet, but allow it to be added via a crowdsourced kind of model. Better social interactions with other gardeners nearby. A list of *real life* bugs and pests to ID. The current To Do list has about 20 things on it. And you’ve just added to it. 🙂 Maybe we bit off more than we could chew. 🙂

      To your points specifically about configuration;
      1) Config for watering reminders –>Great idea. At the moment, the watering reminders are hooked up to whether it has rained a certain amount in the previous couple of days. A future version of the app might have a check box for ‘auto water’ and it would then remove watering reminders. Hydro and Aquaponics users will find that watering reminder annoying too. And they’ll be annoyed that the growing times they experience is less than what non-aquaponiced veggies get. Implimenting this idea could fix that.
      2) Edit master list of plants –> Another good idea. Some kind of page that shows all available plants and then a check box on whether to display them. When people ask me ‘what should I grow?’ I respond with ‘what do you like to eat?’
      3) Edit/customise planting info –> Another good one and a one that has come up in the past. We can change those per build, but I need to do it as part of a new build. Not ideal, but I can change them if the are way out (eg I noticed that Brussels Sprout have a harvest time is shorter than reality. I can change that in the next build, but not on the fly).

      The App as it stands, not withstanding bug fixes, will probably stay as it is for at least 6 months. I’d like to put out a new version with better plant info, customising plant info (your 3rd suggestion), photo support and more stability by coming Spring. I probably won’t put the others in as yours is the only request for water config (which I quite like) and removing plants. I’ve had several requests for photos to be added and so I have to go with what is most requested.

      Why the wait? Money. Changes in apps cost money that we don’t have. What we do have is nearly 10000 customers and if we can satisfy 80% of them 80% of the time, then hopefully you’ll forgive us if we can’t get all your suggestions in immediately.

      I hope that all makes sense.


  25. Just purchased your app and am very impressed with layout and information in the non-subscriber area. It’s my project to build my garden beds over the winter and commence spring plantings. At that time I will be sure to subscribe as your instructions are going to be so helpful. It’s going to save me heaps of time searching through all my gardening books!!!
    Thanks and regards, Anne

  26. G’day,
    I was looking for a garden planner and was especially after a local (Australian) app. I like the app and subscribed to check out the extra features. I was particularly interested in succession planting on the maps, so you could change the date and see what you could plant when the crop had finished.
    I see there hasn’t been an update since Jan, is there an update planned soon and is something like this feature on the To Do list?

  27. Hi there, love the look of the app, can’t seem to download here in Ireland though. Can the location be set for other countries please?
    (The app isn’t in my country app store btw)

    Kind regards,

    1. Hey Christina,

      Thanks for comment. Unfortunately, we are only set up with specific planting info for Australia which is why it is not in the IE store. I am planning a UK and Ireland release, but for the moment we aren’t available for you. 🙁

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