How to Grow Peas

Peas are a regular crop in my garden and are incredibly easy to grow. They sprout very quickly in all most any kind of soil. They do need a trellis to grow up and a best grown during the cold months, providing a sweet crop during late winter and early spring. Make sure that you plant them successively, 6 or 7 plants for a family every 3 weeks should ensure that you have plenty of peas. And you’ll need them as they sometimes don’t make it into the kitchen, getting eaten straight from the


Plant the seeds about 10-15cm apart, or closer if the soil is particularly rich with manure. Put them about 1cm deep, although I have planted them in loose soil and the seed ended up on top of the dirt. The peas seeds still sprouted and sent roots down and a stem up. They should sprout within 7 days from planting.

Makes sure that you have a trellis or some sort of structure for the the peas to grow up. They can grow to 2m tall.


Peas are excellent nitrogen fixers. They take nitrogen from the air and put it into the ground for leafy vegetables and fruits to use. They grow well with carrots, potatoes, parsnips and pumpkin.

Grow Peas - Companion Guide


You can get a riot of colour on the peas plants as they grow out their flowers and eventually pod up. A little secret to maximising your harvest is to pick the first first pea pods very early. This will cause the plant to put out more flowers. More flowers means more pods and more pods means more peas.



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