Brocolli Companion Planting Guide

Continuing our series of companion planting guides, this is a winter favourite Brocolli.

Fact is that this would apply as well to Cabbage and Cauliflower too, also know as the Brassica family. Brassica’s seem to get along very very well with the Onion family which means garlic, chives, and spring onions are all firm favourites next to these big leafy heavy feeders. However the Tomato Family, not so much. That means no capsicum or eggplant or potatoes next to brassicas.










3 thoughts on “Brocolli Companion Planting Guide

  1. great info here as I was just thinking about getting started on planting broccoli. by the way, I love the App and use it frequently and it really helped me set up a great veggie garden!


  2. I was looking for an iPad app that would be helpful for me in gardening and my search ends here. This is really a nice platform for the technophiles those are fond of gardening as well.

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