Growing Cauliflowers – Curds and W-hey!

Cauliflowers have a reputation for being a difficult vegetable to grow properly. And now with spring swinging us properly under it’s bough, we are in a good place to see what has worked and not worked over winter in our garden.

We are getting lots of good winter-planted veges coming through here at Casa del Green. Fennel, brocolli and cauliflower are the big tickets items with swiss chard doing ok as well. The cabbage has a little way to go yet.

The cauliflower has been a mixed success. The ones that I planted as part of a brassica zigzag are producing nice tight curds – good curds.


This patch of the garden also enjoyed a lot of watering and manuring. Previous crop was potatoes and a made sure that there was a lot of fermented chicken poop going into the bed. There are also lots of carrots growing nearby. Lessons here are lots of nitrogen rich fertiliser, lots of water, keep close to other brassicas as well as a sharp eye for greeblies.

The cauliflowers in the next bed over didn’t fare so well. The plants in the images above are less than 2 metres apart, but produced different heads. The curds look weak and dispersed. These ones ended up in a different bed because of space reasons and the soils weren’t as well prepared. They seemed to get hit up by greeblies more as well. Shade was also a factor. The north-western bed just doesn’t get out from beneath the shadow of the house in low winter and moss covers much of the bed.


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